Niagara Power Vista Niagara Power Project (New York Power Authority)

Are you ready to set your inner engineer free? Look no further than the all-new Niagara Power Vista, located in Niagara County, New York. This visitor center offers an exciting, hands-on interactive adventure for its visitors.

As the visitor center of the Niagara Power Project, the largest electricity producer in New York State, the Niagara Power Vista provides a great opportunity to discover the energy of the state in a truly immersive way. From the Control Room Simulator, where you can operate a power plant, to the Transmission Table, where you can direct power where it’s needed most, the Power Vista offers a truly unique experience.

Take a thrilling 4D virtual roller coaster ride where you get to experience the journey of a drop of water turning into a unit of energy. Or, immerse yourself in a surround-sound, multi-sensory Power-Up 4D theater experience. The Niagara Power Vista also offers a chance to witness the spirited debate between electricity titans Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla over whose version of electric transmission is better.

And with the new hop-on, hop-off Discover Niagara shuttle service, getting to the best attractions in Niagara has never been easier. The Niagara Power Vista also offers an observation deck with breathtaking views of the Niagara River and the surrounding landscape.

Activate your Power Player card at the registration kiosk, pick up your badge at the reception desk, and use it to retrieve your images and videos online. Share your experience with friends and family on social media and personalize it with your picture or an avatar.

The Niagara Power Vista also hosts group visits, free guided and self-guided tours, and events. Host a birthday party or reunion and enjoy a bagged, catered, or picnic lunch in the community room and outdoor patio. So come discover the energy of New York at the Niagara Power Vista and unleash your inner engineer today!