MarineLand Niagara Falls

Marineland, officially known as Marineland of Canada Inc., is a popular themed zoo and amusement park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Founded and operated by John Holer, a Slovenian immigrant, in 1961, the park continues to be privately owned and operated by his family. Marineland offers visitors a variety of experiences, including marine animal shows, sea mammal and land animal exhibits, and amusement rides.

One of the main attractions of Marineland is its collection of marine animals, including dolphins, sea lions, an orca, and beluga whales. However, the park’s keeping of sea mammals is a controversial topic in the past, and Marineland has been involved in several lawsuits related to this practice. Animal rights activists have also been vocal in their opposition to the park’s treatment of marine animals, and there have been numerous animal rights demonstrations at the park.

Marineland boasts a wide variety of facilities, including 16 rides that cater to both children and adults. The marine animals perform several times daily at the King Waldorf Stadium, and the park is estimated to attract between 250,000 and 500,000 visitors annually. However, due to the restrictions required by the COVID-19 pandemic, the park did not open in spring 2020 as planned and remained closed throughout the year.

It is also home to a variety of land animals, including bears, deer, and other animals. The park used to be a member of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA), but “voluntarily and temporarily” withdrew from the organization in 2017.

Marineland’s marine exhibits include several beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins, grey seals, harbor seals, penguins, sea lions, two walruses (Smooshi and her calf Koyuk), and one orca (Kiska). The belugas are kept in Arctic Cove, Friendship Cove, and King Waldorf Stadium, with a total of 40 belugas as of August 2021. Kiska, the orca, is the only one of her kind at Marineland. In 2012, Marineland was looking for a companion for Kiska, but since then, it appears that she will be the last orca that the park will own.

Friendship Cove is the main orca exhibit and also houses belugas. According to Marineland, it is the world’s largest whale habitat for viewing above and below ground. Arctic Cove, on the other hand, is the main beluga whale exhibit, where guests can pet and feed the beluga whales for a fee.

Marineland offers a fantastic experience for visitors, but the park’s treatment of marine animals has been a source of ongoing controversy. Visitors need to be aware of these issues and make informed decisions before visiting the park.