The Battle of Lundy’s Lane, also known as the Battle of Niagara, was a significant event in Canadian history that took place on July 25, 1814, during the War of 1812. This bloodiest battle of the war resulted in approximately 1,720 casualties, including 258 killed. The two armies fought to a stalemate, but the high number of American casualties led to their withdrawal, giving the British a strategic advantage.

Present near the present-day Niagara Falls in Ontario, the Lundy’s Lane Battlefield is a historical landmark that offers visitors the opportunity to learn about this important event in Canadian history. The City of Niagara Falls Museums offers a self-guided walking tour of the battlefield, which includes Historic Drummondville. The tour starts at the Niagara Falls History Museum on Ferry Street and covers approximately 1.7 kilometers of distance. Along the way, visitors can see the American advance and the British defense on the battlefield, as well as historical markers that provide information about the battle and the surrounding neighborhood.

The battlefield is also home to the Drummond Hill Cemetery, which was the focal point of the battle. The Battle of Lundy’s Lane Memorial is the most prominent marker on the field, and visitors can also see the beautiful Copper Beech Tree and various memorials and gravestones of Canadian and American soldiers who fought in the battle. The cemetery also includes the grave of Laura Secord, whose exploits during the Battle of Beaver Dams are well-known by Canadians.

Visitors can also experience what tourism to the battlefield was like in the 1850s by visiting the Battle Ground Hotel. The hotel and museum are open seasonally on weekends, and staff conducts Battlefield tours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the months of June, July, and August. The tours start at the Battle Ground Hotel Museum and include a visit to the Drummond Hill Cemetery.

The Lundy’s Lane Battlefield is the top destination if you want to learn more about Canadian history and the War of 1812. The self-guided walking tour, historical markers, and battlefield tours offer a detailed and immersive experience, while the Drummond Hill Cemetery provides a poignant reminder of the human cost of the battle. If you’re ever in Niagara Falls, Ontario, be sure to check out this National Historic Site and learn more about the Battle of Lundy’s Lane.