Today we will introduce you to the House of Frankenstein, a quirky haunted house attraction located in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada, on the famous Clifton Hill. This haunted house is dedicated to the iconic Frankenstein monster and is home to half-living and half-dead monsters that lurk in the shadows, waiting to scare you. From creatures hidden in the dark corners to glass coffins full of bodies, the House of Frankenstein has a lot of scary surprises in store for you.

As you approach the attraction, you will be greeted by a giant, bright green Frankenstein’s monster, bound in chains and clutching a Double Whopper in his left hand. The building is shared by the House of Frankenstein and an American fast-food restaurant, Burger King, both with separate entrances and going their separate ways.

When you enter the House of Frankenstein, you will be transported into a world of terror. Live actors will leap out of the dark corridors, and you will encounter stunts and various scenes, some following the Frankenstein story, and others having nothing to do with Dr. Frankenstein or his monster. There are also funhouse-type props like bumpy walls and foam floors that add to the overall experience. One of the most unique parts of the attraction is a little theater area that shows the original black and white version of Frankenstein with benches where you can sit down and watch.

The television in the theater is surrounded by mirrors, giving it the appearance of a television sphere, which looks pretty bizarre. On a scale of 1 through 5, this haunted attraction receives a 3, making it a good choice for those who are looking for a thrilling but not overly terrifying experience.

The Niagara Falls Tourists describes the experience of roaming through the House of Frankenstein like this: “In the House of Frankenstein, there are many ‘monsters’ who lurk in the shadows, not living – and yet, not dead! See for yourself, the abominations that move and talk and who will make you scream!” They also warn that this attraction is not for the weak of heart, and when you climb the thirteen haunted steps, you are on your own. Do not turn around, for there is no turning back. Find the hidden passageway and finish this journey of terror, or be lost in the clutching darkness forever.

For those who are looking for even more thrills, the House of Frankenstein now offers the Frank ‘N’ Coaster, which is Canada’s only rooftop rollercoaster. This rollercoaster is four terrifying stories above Clifton Hill and does two laps on the rooftop. True thrill seekers can combine the House of Frankenstein and the rollercoaster ride, while those who are less brave can opt for the rollercoaster only.

House of Frankenstein is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a spooky and thrilling experience while visiting Niagara Falls. Visitors have described it as one of the scariest haunted attractions they have ever visited, and some have even reported still shaking like a leaf for ten minutes after the walk-through. The attraction is open Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 12:30 am (next day) and Friday through Sunday from 9 am to 2 am (the next day). So, if you dare, come and experience the House of Frankenstein and see if you can find the hidden path to the light.