Niagara Falls, Canada, is home to one of the most thrilling and unique tourist attractions in the area, the Ghost Blasters Dark Ride. Located inside the Great Canadian Midway at the bottom of Clifton Hill, this interactive black-light adventure takes guests on a journey through a haunted house filled with animatronic characters, animated props, and authentically eerie set pieces.

As soon as you step inside Bleakstone Manor, you will be confronted by an army of ghosts, skeletons, ghouls, and goblins lurking in the velvety black-light darkness. But fear not, as you will be armed with a laser gun to blast away the frightening phantoms popping out from every crack and crevice. Your mission is to help Professor Phearstruck, who has been hired by the area residents, eliminate the ghostly presence led by the notorious Boocifer, a portmanteau of “boo” and “Lucifer,” which seems to be bringing property values down in the area.

As you ride through the mansion, you will have to use your quick reflexes and aim to shoot as many ghosts as possible and score the most points. The ride’s premise is that guests travel through the mansion in “boo-blaster” vehicles, eliminating Boocifer’s ghosts as they go.

Ghost Blasters Dark Ride is a must-visit attraction for anyone looking for a thrilling and unique experience. The combination of animatronic characters, animated props, and authentically eerie set pieces creates an immersively haunting experience that is sure to give you a whimsical fright, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. So, if you’re up for the challenge and love a good ghost story, be sure to try on Ghost Blasters’ Dark Ride when you visit Niagara Falls, Canada.