The Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse is a garden oasis located just a short walk south of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. With three main display houses, a tropical foyer, and a Life on Display miniature village collection, it’s a must-see destination for nature lovers and garden enthusiasts.

The Floral Showhouse features several floral shows throughout the year, celebrating major holidays, community events, and the beauty of nature. One of the most popular displays is the Annual Poinsettia Show, which takes place during the holiday season and features traditional holiday landscapes with modern touches of brilliant colors and lights.

Floral Showhouse has a rich history, dating back to 1894 when two small wooden structures were opened by Niagara Parks for the purpose of growing seasonal plants for Queen Victoria Park. The first floral conservatory followed in 1897, and the Floral Showhouse as it stands today opened in November 1946. The north and south houses were added in 1951, and in June 1980, the front reception and gift shop opened with a large glass-enclosed ceiling, allowing for the cultivation of large palms and other tropical trees.

The North and Center houses host several unique floral exhibits throughout the year, showcasing an annual spring and fall display and additional annual displays that celebrate holidays or connect with the local community and international visitors. As many as 20,000 plants are grown annually for the Floral Showhouse and its conservatory spaces.

The South House is home to a collection of stunning tropical plants, including palms, succulents, and even common houseplants. The highlight of this space is the collection of orchids, which are known for their elegance and perfection. The blooms come in a range of colors and sizes and are sure to impress visitors.

The Life on Display exhibit is an outdoor art installation of restored miniatures from Durham region’s former Cullen Miniature Village. It explores the complex cultivation of happiness in homes and gardens throughout the province and features life-like representations of Ontario landmarks, as well as abstract interpretations of simple architectural details commonly seen on homes in the province. The exhibit also includes a working model train that winds amongst the charming buildings and greenery, which was originally part of Cullen Gardens & Miniature Village in Whitby, Ontario, and was a major tourist attraction for 25 years.

Overall, the Floral Showhouse is a destination that offers something for everyone, from the beauty of the floral displays to the rich history and culture of the region. It’s a must-visit for anyone in the area and a great way to spend a day exploring the wonder of nature.